Virtual reality glasses today

More recently, virtual reality technology (VR) seemed fantastic. Today, VR glasses and virtual helmets are available to everyone.

At the same time, the young market of VR headsets is replenished daily. And it is easy to get confused among the variety of models and brands offered.

  • What is the difference between VR glasses?
  • How to understand the many characteristics of VR headsets ?;
  • How not to overpay for the brand ?;
  • How to choose the model that will suit you?

Answers to these questions, as well as certain secrets on the choice of VR glasses that will help you make the right choice – later in the article.

There are different aspects to consider when choosing VR glasses. Before choosing BP glasses, first decide on some important aspects.

Types of virtual reality glasses

There are the following types of VR glasses depending on the destination: for computer, game consoles and smartphones.

The cheapest way to know the virtual world – with models for smartphones. In fact, they act as holders. The smartphone display is located in front of your eyes and replaces the built-in display, which makes it the easiest and most accessible way to experience the world of VR.

VR glasses for computers are a much more difficult decision, which affects their price. In order to convey the fullness and atmosphere of virtual reality to the computer “hardware” are also increased requirements. Before buying glasses, you need to carefully study all the technical requirements when using with a PC.

VR gaming consoles glasses offer a simple compromise. You can simply connect them to the console without having to worry about the correct specification or hardware configuration.

What smartphones, PCs and consoles are capable of reproducing VR technology?

Pay attention to the equipment of your device. Remember that virtual reality is a very complex technology. It places high demands on the display hardware. Accordingly, it is important to make sure that the device is ready to reproduce the BP technology.

Smartphones for using VR glasses must have motion sensors (accelerometer and gyroscope), a high-resolution display (at least Full HD) and a high-performance processor (four-core or more).

Computers to play virtual reality should have a large amount of RAM, a productive video card, as well as modern connectors such as HDMI 1.4.

Latest generation gaming consoles are best suited for virtual imaging. The only requirement for gaming consoles is compatibility of specific VR glasses with these types of gaming consoles.

Pay attention to the inscription VR-Ready. This label on video cards and other devices signifies support for this VR technology equipment.

How does the price depend on the functionality of virtual reality glasses?

The cheapest budget VR glasses ($ 15-20) serve only as a holder for mobile phones – just insert the mobile phone into the headset and switch to VR mode. One of the cheapest models on the market are Cardboard cardboard glasses. They have a pair of lenses and a smartphone connection socket. These glasses allow you to view videos and play simple games with a 360 degree view. They also conveniently fold and are the most compact. When buying such cheap glasses you need to pay attention to the dimensions of the glasses and the diagonal of the smartphone.

The mid-price option ($ 50-200) is VR glasses with built-in controls, focus, additional sensors and its own screens. An example of the most common models in this price segment can be the Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream View. These glasses are much smoother, interactive, they perfectly capture the movement of the head. When buying such VR glasses, it is advisable to verify the presence of a gyroscope, accelerometer and proximity sensor. In addition, a big plus will be high resolution, low weight and the ability to adjust the focus through the slider. If the glasses your gadgets do not fit the requirements of VR glasses, it is best to take the helmet Oculus GO – a standalone version that does not require connecting to a smartphone, PC or console.

Expensive (premium) VR glasses (from $ 300) designed for use with computers and game consoles, have very complex functions and parameters: ergonomic design, high-resolution screens, motion tracking, better graphics, audio system and various advanced sensors. The best examples of this price segment are Sony PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive models.

What additional accessories need to buy in addition to VR glasses?

To increase the presence effect, accompanying the virtual picture and visual effects with the perfect sound, you need to think about buying high-quality headphones, or additional speakers.

In addition, it is desirable to additionally purchase handheld controllers, both wired and wireless. They will make an exciting shooter or a game of tennis even more “real.” The most progressive accessories include special VR gloves, which are immersed in the virtual world through the sense of smell. Such a modern control as gloves is used mainly in applications and games.

Haptic technology is extremely sensitive to touch – modern devices with this technology can determine the degree of pressure you apply. Different levels of pressure lead to different effects. In the settings you can enable the so-called tactile feedback, that is, the system will give you information about your actions.

For example, in car racing you do not have pedals, but there is a steering wheel that can be turned. If you press hard on the right side, the car accelerates; If you press the left side, the car slows down. If you press the steering wheel with enough force to trigger the brake function, the steering wheel will begin to vibrate gently so that you know that it is working.

There are also VR cameras capable of creating amazing 360-degree videos using an omnidirectional camera or a set of cameras that contain several lenses. These videos offer many interesting possibilities. Behind such cameras the future. They can later be used during inspections of residential or commercial premises, with educational applications, teaching aids or training simulators.

What else do you need to pay attention to?

Are you ready to plunge into VR world?

With a higher quality image and sound systems, it is possible in the literal sense of the word to easily lose touch with reality – with the space where you are physically located. Virtual reality is not recommended for use on the street. Ideally, during use, you need to be at home or in a safe closed environment. Immersion in the virtual world can be so disorienting that in extreme cases there is a chance of losing balance and falling. Accordingly, it is recommended to sit in a comfortable swivel chair with plenty of space around you. To be safe, ask a relative or friend to follow you when you play for the first time.

Before shopping, try playing some time with glasses of virtual reality. Certain applications or games may be too intense and challenging for beginners.

When you first use points BP, it is better to avoid games in the genre of horror and action – they can easily “rock up”. If you feel nauseous, take off your VR glasses immediately and take a break. The vestibular system in the inner ear (the sensory organ controlling the sense of balance and spatial orientation) informs your brain that your movements are completely different from what you see. Simply put, motion sickness occurs when the brain is confused by incompatible data. Nausea, pallor, sweating, and fast heartbeat are common symptoms and accompany this condition.

For clarification, imagine that you are wearing a headset and are sitting in a chair. However, the events that you see in virtual reality take place in an amusement park, where you enjoy adrenaline rush on a roller coaster. The vestibular apparatus tells your brain that you are definitely not moving, but your eyes see something completely different. This discrepancy may lead to a temporary state of motion sickness.

So what type of VR glasses to choose?

VR glasses for smartphones

This is the cheapest way to touch the world of virtual reality. If you have a high-quality high-quality smartphone, then you can safely buy CardBoard glasses for yourself.

  • they are intuitive and easy to use;
  • This is the most compact of all the options for VR glasses;
  • There are many options available on the market for a smartphone;
  • headset in all price categories.

VR glasses for PC

If you have a powerful computer, then this is your option. He will open the gates to the world of new opportunities. For such VR glasses (for example, Oculus Rift) a modern processor and powerful graphics are required. At the same time, you will have the following benefits:

  • With a compatible VR computer, you can easily share content with friends;
  • this option provides maximum visual, mental and physical immersion;
  • the higher the price, the better the immersion experience in the virtual world;
  • guaranteed version of smoothness, accuracy and interactivity.

VR glasses for game consoles

No need to worry about the purchase of additional components and equipment. VR glasses allow you to maximize the potential of the game console (for example, Sony PlayStation VR):

  • characterized by fast synchronization and configuration;
  • no problems with the performance of the equipment;
  • the only requirement is compatibility with the gaming console.


The choice is yours! Carefully consider these tips, decide on what equipment you will use VR glasses (on a PC, smartphone or set-top box), weigh all the pros and cons of buying expensive models and buy the best model for yourself. This will allow you to immerse yourself in a wonderful virtual world and experience the most fantastic emotions as much as possible!

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