How to choose a case for a smartphone?

Innovative technologies in the production of gadgets promote the use of smartphones “in its pure form” – without covers, protective panels and screen films. But, according to statistics, in Russia, 71% of smartphones bought by consumers belong to the budget class and require protective equipment for the case and glass. These accessories prolong the life of the phone, because more than half of the damage to smartphones is due to mechanical stress on the case.

Thousands of covers covers, but all models are divided into two main groups: soft covers (linings) and products made of hard materials (plastic, holster, sports sleeves). And when choosing a remedy it is important to focus not only on aesthetic characteristics. As practice shows, the material from which the cover is made can affect the technical functions of the phone (network and Internet search, battery charge). Therefore, the choice is better to consider thoughtfully.

Soft case

The advantages of this option include: ease of use, the choice of models and colors, original design solutions. More suitable for budget models used exclusively as a means of communication.

мягкие чехлы


  • tight contact with the body (adhesion);
  • easy installation;
  • custom design;
  • additional functions of the case;
  • budget;
  • anti-shock protection;

a choice of models – with ears, pictures or a simple transparent case.


  • stretch, deform;
  • the phone gets hotter;
  • condensate accumulates, provoking corrosion of iron elements;
  • risk of technical deformation of the battery (due to the 2nd point);
  • because of the structure of the material, the phone “sticks together” with the lining of a pocket or bag;
  • often, uncomfortable, for storage in a pocket or bag;
  • not always comfortable to hold in your hand.

Silicone attracts dust and small debris entering through functional openings. Accumulations provoke scratches. But the same situation arises with plastic covers due to poor contact with the case.

Plastic case

Design solutions for such case covers are represented by a large selection – applications on the back cover, a wide color palette. Apple produces special plastic bumpers for iPhones, which exclude reaction to the wrong girth (there have been cases of actions on the antenna with the iPhone).

Пластиковые чехлы


  • a variety of models;
  • scratching;
  • rigid frame on the body;
  • ease;
  • not deformed;
  • comfortable sock – does not stick to the lining, does not cling.


  • the risk of splitting when falling from a height;
  • inconvenient operation (removal).

Silicone soft covers are recommended as protection against mechanical damage. Such models absorb shock, preventing damage to the body. They are recognized as the best option for children on budget gadgets. For the iPhone, Apple case covers are recommended, designed to suit the individual characteristics of iPhones.

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