The second number Megafon on one SIM card

We often need to leave your phone number to unwanted people, businesses or websites. After registering on the site, it is likely that our phone will go to various databases and we will be sent unwanted advertisements, distract us with various special offers and irritate with spam.

For this, a good way out is the second phone number.

2 сим-карты мегафон

How can we get the second number

  1. To purchase a second SIM card of your operator
  2. To buy a second SIM card of another operator
  3. You can connect the second number to one SIM card

All methods have disadvantages

Disadvantages of ways with 2 sims:

  1. You need to periodically change your phone’s SIM card
  2. You need to have and carry 2 apparatus (included and charged)
  3. When you have two active SIM cards, you need to pay 2 tariff plans. In order to justify the costs, it is necessary to study the tariff plans and find the best one based on your requirements and capabilities.
  4. If your phone supports 2 SIM cards, then there is no such problem. More and more models of modern smartphones with two SIM cards, support them in an active state at the same time. This means that you will be able to reach any number on your phone. An exception is if you use a memory card instead of the 2nd sim card.

So, let’s take a closer look at the option, if –

Connect additional Megafon number to the main SIM card

This method also has its drawbacks. Having connected once this service, operator Megafon to you allocates phone with a casual set of digits and operates it until you disconnect this service. When you reconnect the service, the old number is not stored for you, but a new random number is issued.

You can select a specific number. Megafon can offer a more beautiful option. The services of choosing the second number are provided by Megafon at an additional tariff.

Most likely, you will be offered a number that used to be used by someone, but then it was released. Therefore, you can have unexpected incoming calls and sms for old subscribers.

Outgoing calls and sending SMS on the second federal number are not possible. Below is considered the option of connecting the city’s second number, where the function of outgoing calls is available. But the option is connected so far only for corporate tariffs.

Price for services

Service activation – 30 rubles. (one-time payment)

Use of the second number – 30 rubles. (monthly fee)

There are 3 options for choosing a particular federal number, with the prefix 926, 925 and others: Normal (970 r), silver (4 970 R) and gold (14 970 R.)

Смартфон 2 номера

How to connect the second Megafon number

  1. In my account on the site;
  2. Using service USSD commands, sending from your phone to which you want to activate the service;
  3. Through the subscriber service Megafon;
    In the communication salon Megafon.

Connection using commands from the phone to which the second number will be attached

If you do not need a choice, you will be given a phone with a random set of digits – * 437 * 1 #.
The method of connection with the possibility of selecting the desired combination of numbers of the phone – * 437 * 5 #

How to turn off the service

By the ways specified for connection, and also, by sending a command from the phone, the service is disabled by sending – * 437 * 0 #

Additional operations with the service

  • If you forget, you can use the second MegaFon number with these service combinations – * 437 * 2 # or * 205 #
  • Temporarily block, so that no one can call you, but the subscription fee will be written off – * 437 * 3 #
    Unlock and continue using the same number – * 437 * 4 #
  • Get help on the service if you have any questions – * 437 * 6 #
  • Connection of city second number

Connection of city second number

In Megafon this service is displayed as a separate one and is called “Additional city number”.

It differs in that you can call from it, but you can not send SMS, MMS, either.

This option works in Megafon for the Moscow region, and will cost more than the federal number. The monthly subscription fee is:

for the code 499 xxx-xx-xx – 250 p.

for the code 495 xxx-xx-xx-495 r.

For the connection of the service fee is not taken. It is connected only in MegaFon stores and in corporate customer service centers.

Positive and negative points of connection of the second Megafon number


  1. 2 numbers on one sim card. You do not need to remove the SIM card from the phone for replacement.
    The price for calls is equal to your current tariff
  2. One account for 2 Megafon phones. Payment for all services from one personal cabinet.
  3. You can leave an additional number on random sites and random people, realizing that you can turn it off or refuse.
  4. Additional costs – only a small subscription fee


  1. It is impossible to make outgoing calls and send sms. One-way incoming communication operates
    There is no possibility to restore the same number, if necessary, when the service is switched off, the main services of Megafon are refused by contract;
  2. Possible incoming calls and SMS for the previous number owner;
  3. One account. Remember? If there is not enough money in the account, both numbers will not work;
  4. The possibility of connecting only one additional number;

To work with different phone numbers, weigh all the factors that you need and choose the right option.

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