MegafonMobile operators in Russia

Personal account settings Megafon

After logging in to the Megafon account, it is recommended to start with the default login settings.

Privacy settings

You can fill in the fields: Name, Email, Date of birth and Additional communication number.

You do not need to fill them in, but the filled in data will help you when you restore the login to your account.

Login settings

Auto login

You can enable automatic login so that you do not enter a phone number and password each time. Autoload will work on any devices.

SMS notifications

At each entrance to the Personal Area, you will receive an SMS from the fact that you are logged in.

To change password

An important point. Either you will continue to use the password that came to you when you register, or you can choose a new password and remember it.

In case of changing the password, you need to enter the one that was sent to you in the SMS when registering in the Old password field. And in the field you need to enter a new password, respectively, a new one.

When you enter a password, as it happens on all the correct sites, the characters are not displayed, but instead of them are circles. To check if you entered the new password correctly, you need to click on the “closed eye” icon.

It is recommended to change the password more often.

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