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Megafon Russia account

Log in Megafon account – simply

Each user of the Megafon Russia cellular network has different options to get information about his phone number and ways of managing services.

You can call the Megafon subscriber service number, send the USSD command from your phone, and also you can monitor the balance to put money into the account on time, connect services and options from the personal cabinet (LC), access to which is available through or mobile application “Megafon – Personal Cabinet”.

How to spell Megafon Russia in English

To get to the official website of the operator, you need to enter the English letters MEGAFON.RU – that is, as it is heard, and is written, in large or small letters – it does not matter. Don’t use the combination of the letters “ph” instead of “f”.

If you doubt the correct spelling, you can enter the phrase in any language in the search string Yandex (the best russian internet search system) or Google, and they will show you the official website of Megafon in the first line.

Log in to MegaFon Moscow

To have access to your personal account  (cabinet), you need to go to the Megafon website.

Then, in order to enter the Personal Cabinet (LC) of Megafon, you need to pass a simple registration.

Go to the login page.

Receiving a password when registering a phone number

Having a phone in your hands, regardless of whether it’s a touch button or touch, you need to dial the number (including the number buttons, asterisks and a grid): * 105 * 00 # and then press the dial button (handset). At the same time, your phone will not dial in to another number, and in this way a certain code (command) is sent to the Megafon service. After that, you will receive an SMS message to the phone with a password.

After that, on the site in the field “Phone number” you need to enter your number. In the “Password” field, you need to enter letters and numbers of the password sent to you by sms from Megafon subscriber.

In the third field you need to enter the numbers or letters that are indicated next to confirm that the data is not entered by the robot, but by a living person.

Similarly, you can recover the password from your personal cabinet if you forget it or lost it.

Home page of personal cabinet

You will be provided with information on the balance in rubles and bonuses, the connected tariff, as well as sections with more detailed information and management of services on your phone.

Sections of personal cabinet
Account Information
Fund your account
promised payment
Expenses, replenishment and detailing of the account
Fund another subscriber’s account
Spend bonuses
Auto payment management
Information and Service Management
Balances on packages of services
Services and Options
Replace the dial tone
A family
Call Forwarding
Prohibition of services
Megafon TV
Support and settings
To learn more about how to use these sections, click on the appropriate links.

The information on the Megafon website often changes, so the list of available items may differ.

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