How to make call forwarding on Megafone Russia

What does call forwarding on your phone mean?

Each of us has situations when something happens to the phone and we can not receive the incoming call. If you forget the phone at home, the battery or phone has broken down, you have the ability to transfer incoming calls from your number to another. Or you can transfer calls to another number under certain conditions. Let’s consider more in detail.

Types of redirection in Megafon Russia

  1. Absolute redirects. It works in all cases when a call to your number is received. This type of redirection is convenient when your phone has broken down, you forgot it somewhere or lost it. Except when the device has broken down, a problem with a SIM card is possible, which is not recognized by the cellular network.
  2. Conditional forwarding, as an option, the phone is disconnected or out of the network. This type of call forwarding is convenient, in all cases listed in the first paragraph, but as soon as your phone is switched on or off the mode “in the plane” to the active state, calls are not transferred anywhere and the diversion is disabled.
  3. Conditional forwarding if the number is busy. In which cases is this function useful? If you do not want to miss a single call in real time, you can specify the number of your secretary for the forwarding. Or if you use a phone for business, and one of your secretaries has the phone busy, a new incoming call is forwarded to another secretary.
  4. Conditional forwarding if the subscriber does not pick up the phone. In case you are busy at a meeting or an important meeting, your incoming call can also be accepted by the secretary.

What you need to have to forward calls to Megaon Russia and enable this feature.

  1. Another SIM card. When your old SIM card is lost or if it does not work for some reason, you can take any other SIM card and insert it into your mobile phone.
  2. Another mobile phone. If you have lost or forgotten somewhere a phone with an active SIM card, then you can take any phone with another number or ask anyone to receive an incoming call of the person who is near you at the moment, and at the same time make a redirection to his number.
  3. Any urban landline phone. Call forwarding from your phone number is also possible for an ordinary city number.

Next, you need the redirect to work

In modern tariffs of all major cellular networks in Russia (Megafon, Beeline, MTS and Tele2), the diversion service is available by default and it does not need to be ordered separately. It is enough to include the desired new number in the redirect and make the settings.

To enable redirection on Megafon Russia, you need to configure it in one of the following ways

You can enable it via the MegaFon support operator by calling 0500
In the nearest retail store Megafon
In My Account on the site or in the mobile application Megafon – personal cabinet
Enable by sending USSD commands to the Megafon network
How to set up call forwarding
If you change the settings and disable the MegaFon number redirection, you will use the same methods.

If you manually change or disable redirection, use the following commands:

USSD-commands are dialed in a telephone as if dialing a number for a call, and on the smartphone, also in the usual “ringer” from the keyboard to dial the number.

forwarding all calls ** 21 * phone number #
Conditional call forwarding
call forwarding, if there is no answer to the call – ** 61 * phone number #
Usually, the unanswered time is 30 seconds. The interval without an answer can be reduced to 25, 20, 15, 10 and 5 seconds. To do this, you need to dial on the phone command – ** 61 * [number to which calls should be forwarded] ** [waiting time for reply] #

call forwarding if the number is busy – ** 67 * phone number #
redirect if the number is not available ** 62 * phone number #

Make sure that the phone number is dialed in the international format:
+7 (city code) (phone number) – forwarding to a landline number, for example, + 7495XXXXXXX
+7 (number of the subscriber) – for forwarding to the mobile number, for example, + 7920XXXXXXX.
How to enable redirection from Megaphone to MTS, Beeline, Tele2 and other numbers
When setting up call forwarding, you can specify the numbers of any operators, including wireline operators such as MGTS, Rostelecom and others.

How does Megafon rate when calling calls?

When an incoming call arrives to your Megaphone number, a redirection to the number you specify takes place. In this case, you pay every minute of the conversation on your phone number, from which the call is redirected, and also pay for the second call on which you are talking on its connected tariff. It turns out a double and unprofitable payment.

This is the case in the home region. When redirecting to the numbers of other regions, you need to take into account the additional costs for long-distance or international communication.

Therefore, call forwarding is unprofitable with constant use, it is better to use it when absolutely necessary and turn it off in time.

Disable call forwarding on Megaphone

## 21 # cancel redirects for all calls;
## 61 # cancel the redirection when you do not pick up the phone;
## 62 # cancel when the phone is disconnected or is offline;
## 67 # cancellation when the number is busy;
## 002 # cancel all redirects that have been set;
After sending these commands, you will receive a service pop-up message or SMS about the changed status.

How to check for redirects on your phone

To see if your call forwarding is turned on, and if you have set it up correctly, you need to dial * # 21 #

Check forwarding will take no more than 15 seconds. with a good cellular signal. After that you will receive a notification if redirection is enabled. If there is a redirect, you need to check again if you typed the correct USSD commands. It is worth trying other ways to change the status. Or dial the number of the subscriber service, so that the operator helps you.

Can I set up sms forwarding

At this time, the operator of the Megafon network does not forward sms messages.

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