Mobile operators in Russia

There are 4 main mobile operators in Russia: MTS, Billine, Megafon and Tele2. Also, the market of cellular operators is the Yota brand.
The main operators operate throughout Russia. In the regions, they are represented by separate subsidiaries.
Mobile operator MTS – Mobile Tele Systems
The first mobile operator in Russia. He started his activity in 1994. It has the most dense territorial coverage and the largest number of subscribers.
Provides services:
cellular communication;
wire communication;
broadband Internet (brand GPON)
mobile, cable and satellite TV
MTS has its own retail network of salons in which connection and management of MTS communication services, management of MTS Bank services, as well as the sale of mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and other devices are carried out.
The second largest mobile operator. Also, except for mobile communication services, is a wired Internet provider.
The third major operator, in no way inferior to the quality of communication and network coverage of the first two giants.
Tele 2
The cameraman was born in Sweden. Appeared in Russia and in 2013, as a result of the sale to Russian companies and investors it became completely Russian. After that, he started working in the Moscow region.