How to take a screenshot

Анжджелина фото

In the process of writing text on a computer or performing other tasks, it becomes necessary to take a screenshot and send it to someone.

Not knowing about the possibility of simply copying images from the screen, they used to use digital cameras. And many still, in the era of the development of smartphones and their brilliant photographing ability, use the improvised gadget. Of course, on the one hand, it is convenient to quickly take a picture of the laptop screen and immediately send it to a social network or instant messenger.

But the photo of the LCD screen of the computer does not allow to take a clear picture, and often the text and the image on it are illegible.


For a quality display of what is happening on your screen, perform a screenshot of the full or part of the screen.

In this article, we will look at various ways how to take a screen shot of high quality and the possibilities of sending it to friends or colleagues. The considered methods will refer to the PC running the Windows operating system. It does not matter, you have a large stationary computer or a small laptop. Only a small difference in the versions: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.

Standard Windows Tools

Print Screen Button

When such a need does not appear often, or in small quantities, it is recommended to use the button, usually located on the upper right of the computer keyboard. Depending on its type, the buttons may be in different places. Button name – Print Screen. Sometimes on it you can see the designation Prt Scr.

Where screenshots are saved

You should know that by clicking on the Prt Scr button, you will not hear clicks or flashes. But the screenshot of the windows screen has already been taken and the picture will already be in the memory of the computer. Now, to continue working with the captured image or text, it is enough to perform a series of actions.

To do this, press the Prt Scr button on the keyboard to take a screenshot. Next, the screen image we need to display in programs that support photo editing.

  1. Paint – built-in windows graphics editor, which is present in all versions of the operating system;
  2. You can work with other graphics programs, such as Photoshop or pick a similar one;
  3. Screenshots can be placed in office programs: Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and others. Using the insertion method, place in the open sheet the printed part of the screen that you fixed earlier.

Almost all computers are equipped with Paint, since it is considered a standard application.

Paint Graphic Radar – procedure

Open the program

  1. It should click on the bottom in the left corner on the “Start”.
  2. In the list that opens, select the column “All Programs” (“Programs”).
  3. From the opened large list you need to select the column “Standard”. See the Paint list (

пуск paint

After the program opens, you should:

  1. select the top menu “Home”,
  2. then select the “Paste” function.

This operation can also be performed by pressing Ctr and C on the keyboard by pressing them simultaneously. At this moment, a screenshot is uploaded to the Paint Windows application.

Paint Вставка изображения

In the program window, you will see an image of everything that happened on the full screen of your monitor at the moment when you press the Print Screen button.

You have the opportunity to process the resulting image:

Erase unnecessary elements: draw arrows, shapes, lines, points, paint over image areas, etc.

How to take a screenshot of one window of an open program

If you want to take a picture of not the entire monitor screen, but only the active open window.

To do this, you need to activate the window of any program you need by clicking on it with the left mouse button. And before pressing the Prt Scr key, press and hold the Alt button.

This method can be used in all versions of Windows.

How to save a screenshot in Paint

In order for your work not to be in vain, you need to save a screenshot in the computer’s memory. To do this, click the word “File” on the top left and select “Save As …”. In the window that opens, save the file, select the folder where you would like to save and remember its location.

At the same time, it is recommended to choose a file type with the extension JPEG or PNG, since they are supported by all mobile devices, have a small amount in megabytes and take up little space on the disk or in the device’s memory.

Сохранение фото в Paint

How to save a picture in Paint

How to save a screenshot in Word

When you work with Microsoft Word, you should point the cursor to the required line on the page. Then click the right mouse button, and also, as you usually paste the copied text, select the Paste pop-up menu item.

Using the keyboard, this operation can be done by simultaneously pressing the Ctrl and V. keys. At the same time, it is not necessary to switch the keyboard layout to English.

Work program “Scissors” (Snipping Tool)


For Windows computers running Windows 7.8 or 10, there is the most effective method of capturing screen information. Its convenience is that with this tool you can select any area on the screen.

To launch it, you can use the same “Start” button at the bottom left, click on it, select “All programs” from the list. Then click “Standard”, as in the way of opening the Paint program. See the list of the name of the program “Scissors” (Snipping Tool). If it is not in the computer, then the system is not equipped.

When you open the “Scissors” (Snipping Tool), a small window appears, and the rest of the screen space is shaded. The cursor turns into a plus, which we select the necessary information or completely the screen. To do this, click the left mouse button, hold on the desired part of the screen. After you release the button, the highlighted information is cut, and this part will be added to the program you are using. If necessary, you can perform any editing, save a snapshot in the computer’s memory through – File – Save As ….


The Print Screen button and Scissors are the main built-in features for creating screenshots in Windows, starting with version 7 and higher.

Additional features for working with screenshots will be discussed in the next article.

These are separate special programs with the help of which they create and edit screenshots. There are effective paid programs, for example, SnagIt or FastStone Capture. But also, you can use at least effective free versions.

They will open such opportunities:

  • Frequent snapshots;
  • Automatic screen shots;
  • A snapshot of the entire webpage to the bottom, even if it does not fit on the monitor.

And much more.

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